Thursday, October 11, 2007

Chapter 1

He watched as she walked in and sat down at the table by the window. This was the third day that week he had seen her in here. She came in at about the same time every day and sat at the same table. As far as he could tell she ordered the same thing too, soup and iced tea. He took note of her appearance, like he had every other time he had seen her. Her dark brown hair was in a knot at the back of her head, glasses perched on her nose and today she was dressed in a trim navy business suit, with just a hint of something lacy peeking out from under the jacket. He wondered what she did for a living, what brought her to this particular restaurant day after day, what her name might be.

“So, what do you think?” “Jon?” “Hmm, what?” “I said, what do you think?” Jon had no idea what Richie had said to him. “Sorry man, what did you say?” “Never mind. What is up with you?” Richie turned and followed Jon’s gaze to the woman sitting alone by the window. Richie turned back and smiled at his friend. “I can see why you are distracted.” “I’ve seen her in here every day and, I don’t know, there is just something about her.” Jon turned his attention back to her just in time to see her get up, leave some money on the table and walk out. Jon craned his head around to look out the window and watched her walk across the street and into the office building. That gave him an idea.

After paying for their own lunch Jon and Richie headed across the street and into the same office building. They were in town that week to work on their upcoming album and had several meetings lined up, one of which was that afternoon at Mercury Records. As they stepped off the elevator and into the reception area Jon wondered if he might see the woman from the restaurant.

Reese was at her desk frantically compiling all the information her boss wanted for the meeting that was to begin in the next few minutes. She grabbed up the papers he needed, along with her pad and pen and headed down the hall. She was so intent on where she was going and the task at hand that when she came around the corner she didn’t see the two men walking toward her and crashed right into one of them. Her papers scattered and she would have fallen to the floor if not for Jon catching her and steadying her. “Oh my God, I am so sorry” she stammered. “Are you all right?” Jon asked as he set her away from him. “I’m fine. I just, oh.” She looked up into the most beautiful blue eyes she had ever seen. She realized then just who she had run into and was mortified. Jon watched as her eyes widened in recognition and the redness crept up her face. “I am so sorry Mr. Bon Jovi” she said again as she crouched to retrieve her papers. “It’s all right, no harm done and please, call me Jon” he told her as he gave her one of his famous smiles and helped her pick up her things.

They walked into the conference room and Tim, Reese’s boss, was waiting for them. Reese straightened the papers out and handed everything to him. She was asked to stay and take notes. At the end of the meeting Reese went back to her desk to start transcribing the notes but she couldn’t concentrate. Mentally she kept berating herself. How could I have been such a klutz? Of all the people to run into, I had to run into him! What is the matter with me? She was so lost in thought that she didn’t hear the knock at her door. Knowing that she was in there, Jon knocked a little harder. Reese jumped at the sound. “Come in” she called out.

For the second time that day she was face to face with Jon Bon Jovi. She had been a fan for as long as she could remember and, when she took this job, knew this was a possibility, but that didn’t make it any less nerve-wracking. She took a deep breath, smiled and stood up. “Mr. Bon… Jon, what can I do for you?” She hoped she didn’t sound as nervous as she felt. “Well” he started with a smile “you could tell me your name.” “Of course” she came from behind her desk. “I’m Reese, Reese Michels” she said looking him in the eye as she extended her hand. He took it and held it for a minute. The electricity that flowed between the two was almost palpable. “It is a pleasure to meet you” Jon finally said. Just as she was about to speak another knock sounded at her door. Tim poked his head in “Reese, do you have those notes?” Reese jerked her head toward the door, “I’ll have them in just a few minutes for you.” He then noticed that she wasn’t alone. “Is everything all right Jon?” Jon nodded toward Tim, “just fine.” Tim turned his attention Reese once more, “don’t forget those notes and I need…” he rattled off half a dozen other things he needed before leaving. Noting that she was busy Jon decided he should go as well.


Starr said...

Wow! This is good Steph. I'm intrigued to see where this will be heading. But she sure sounds kind of sedate or bookish in her looks right now doesn't she. Hope she lets her hair down soon, and literally. LOL!

But if that happened to me,meeting Jon like that my stomach would be in knots and so far she is handling it pretty much in a normal way I think.

Just to be alone in a room with Jon though, (sigh) would be some kind of temptation!

Good work and look forward to more!

Opester said...

I really like this so far-I like her character-and who among us wouldn't be totally discombobulated in the presence of the man himself? Actually, I admire her aplomb!

Denny said...

Steph - this is good ... off to read the 2nd chapter right now